Our Green Initiative


In 2009 the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association decided to prioritize the shift to the use of safe, renewable and an earth friendly resources at our festival, and to be as green as possible. Every year our festival producers challenge themselves to increase the number of positive environmental practices.

For this years 2020 Festival all single use plastics will no longer be allowed on-site.

Changes to our power servicing boxes has meant that, over the last three years, power consumption has decreased by an estimated 30%. Solar panels were tested at the 2018 and 2019 events with the plan to become net neutral.

Since 2017 our bicycle compounds have been growing, year after year they seem to double in size. Bike Edmonton have manned these sites every year and provided security, minor repairs AND repair clinics during all three days of our Festival. 

As always, there is no parking on-site, or nearby making the Festival Alberta’s largest Park and Ride event.  The Edmonton Transit Service customizes and subsidizes bus services for the event to guarantee city wide park and ride access via the City of Edmonton’s bus and LRT network.

Our new compostables system, using made-in-Edmonton freestanding compostables bag holders and signage. This means more compostables are handled properly and the system means less work and less back strain by eliminating cans with sides.

All plates, cups, utensils, napkins and otherwise are 100% compostable. Not to be confused with recyclable they are 100% compostable as per European Standard EN13432. For the first time EHFA as able to source recyclable and reusable straws for your bubble tea.

In 2015, 400,000 maps were printed for use onsite. With the use of our downloadable PDF map, google maps, and larger more friendly on-site maps. The number of onsite maps has decreased to 80,000 with a goal of reaching zero maps printed by 2021.

Our Green Team volunteers are amazing and work tirelessly throughout our festival to help make sure that the park is looking great each and every day. By doing your part in using our compostable waste disposal sites, you too can help use reduce our imprint on site.

When you see one of our volunteers cleaning up the park, make sure to thank them!



All grey water waste, or water that is collected on site and filtered before entering Edmonton's sewer system is done using on-site bottle collection and recycling.


All of our bottles were collected on-site by Juventus Youth Soccer as a fund-raiser and in cooperation with Alberta Bottle Recycling Association. 

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