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Your health and safety are important to us. So we produced a safety plan to follow all current Government of Alberta protocols.

But a safety plan requires that everyone have access to AND are able to understand it. So, one of the first things we took into account was that a large number of our attendees and presenters may have English as a second or third language, if at all. So we devised a series of visuals that tell the story. 

So here is our COViD safety plan, in pictures.

The full plan is much larger but, hopefully, this gives you a good start. 



Simple But effective. You must wear one at all times unless eating (see below). Face shields are acceptable. Mask-exemption cards will be respected. Kids do not have to wear masks 


New Pavillion Layout

Plexiglass shields, social distancing, line management and others


Socially Distanced Eating Space

Lots of free space. Take off your mask and enjoy a snack with your pod. Ultraviolet light, fresh air and a five meter spacing from other pods.


Socially Distanced Lines

Enjoy the fresh air and ultraviolet light. 


Dance - Socially Distanced

Protecting the Artists and the viewers


Behind the scenes 

Managing interactions behind the scenes to assure your safety


Contactless purchases.

No tickets. ALL purchases are made with credit or debit cards to minimize on site interactions.

There is no need to interact with ticket sellers (paying for or receiving tickets) and by using tap and wiping the surface after use there is an almost zero chance of customer to server transmittal.


Socially Distanced Site

10 meters between pavilions


Sanitizing at every step

Sanitizer at each pick up point.


Social distancing inside cultural tents based on indoor site requirements in place at the time.  

EHFA_Access Points.jpg

Fixed Entry Numbers, Hourly

For the first time in our history you will need a Timed-Entry Pass.

Passes are 100% FREE but you will need one to enter.

We will control access at the two entry points and the stairs will be closed. 

Passes are available here. 

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